Jordan  Sleep Recliner

We asked caregiving professionals and leading healthcare designers how we could build a better recliner, and the result is a product that has some unique solutions to very real and practical needs. We learned how hard it is for nurses to move these big, heavy chairs - so we made it lighter, and designed an ergonomic push bar as a standard feature to ease back strain. We learned that some recliners ordered without casters can cause problems, so we made soft-wheel, swivel, easy-to-lock casters a standard feature. And we designed the Jordan Recliner so that virtually every component can be field-replaced, because these chairs go through so much use and abuse. Where other manufacturers talk about the long life of their products, we have taken this to a new level by truly allowing you to extend the chair's life, and make it "good as new" when it is damaged, or just worn out.


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