Krug is continuously committed to incorporating environmental sustainability in all our business practices and manufacturing processes. We feel it is important to provide well-designed furniture in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Krug continues to strive for better ways to reduce our environmental footprint by achieving initiatives in FSC Certification and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification. We will continue to find ways to improve our environmental impact, as we realize how important it is to leave the planet as we found it for future generations.


Krug is a leading designer and producer of office furnishings and has become one of the industry's fastest growing, dynamic furniture companies. Our extensive use of carefully chosen wood materials, our Enduraguard finish and our selections of superior hardware, have all contributed to the quality of our products. We recognize that integrating sound environmental practices into all aspects of our business will enable us to preserve the environment and resources for future generations.

Krug is committed to:
  • Conducting business in a socially acceptable and responsible manner.
  • Incorporating sustainability and environmentally responsible practices in all activities throughout Krug.
  • Ensuring it’s Management team supports and promotes all environmental objectives and procedures set forth in this policy.
  • Using, recycling and reducing/eliminating waste materials wherever possible throughout the company.
  • Allocating and sustaining adequate resources for the effective management of all necessary current and future environmental program requirements.
  • Pollution prevention to land, air and water by ensuring legal compliance with all legislation and good business practices and pursing end of life use for all products to reduce waste destined to landfill.
  • Promote life-cycle thinking throughout all aspects of environmental matters.
  • Developing supporting procedures and goals based on the needs and objectives. These procedures and goals will be communicated throughout Krug.
Krug will be open and responsive to the environmental expectations and concerns of customers, staff members and government agencies by providing clear and candid information about the environmental impact of our product and operations.

Krug will comply with all environmental emission legislation and legal requirements by maintaining current Certificates of Approval for air and noise emissions.

Krug Managers and Team leaders will ensure that the proper disposal of all waste material will comply with company and municipal expectations and legislation.

Krug will establish an identification and continual improvement process for environmental concerns that will aid in identifying any or all aspects through team meeting, Joint Health and Safety Committees or by speaking with any Team Leader, manager or Health and Safety.

All staff members are expected to foster and encourage the promotion of community care activities in their daily work life by disposing of personal food and tobacco refuse in the provided containers to avoid contamination of Krug property and neighboring facilities.

We will consider pollution prevention programs, where appropriate, to reduce waste and emissions. Waste and environmental management is viewed not only as a social and legal responsibility but also as an opportunity to contribute to the financial success of Krug.

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