Energy Management Policy

Krug strives to minimize the use of energy in its operations and move towards the use of renewable energy. Pursuit of this objective reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. The company will continuously improve in an effort to reach its ultimate goal of becoming climate neutral in its use of energy.

For a great many years Krug has burned wood waste created in its plants to assist in heating. This has not only reduced the amount of material going to landfill, but it has also reduced the demand for non-renewable energy. Wood is a renewable energy source.

All Krug staff members are educated about our goals for energy use and the methods for making progress toward them. This includes an understanding of what each individual can do to help achieve the goal.

Krug stays abreast of all applicable regulations related to energy and energy management and is committed to ongoing compliance. Further, Krug works with those entities to obtain advice on further improvement.

Energy use is tracked and analyzed quarterly and results circulated for management review. On an annual basis the management review team establishes goals for the coming year and approves plans for achievement of those goals. This is documented in the meeting minutes. The goals and plans are communicated throughout the organization.

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