Chemical Management Policy

Krug produces a complete product line of quality office and healthcare furniture. We have carefully chosen materials, finishes and hardware that contribute to the overall quality of our products.

As part of the comprehensive management of our environmental processes we ensure that materials used to assemble our product or integrated into them, do not contribute or in any way present undue health or safety hazards to staff or the environment. When new products or processes are introduced, chemicals that are listed on the data sheets are evaluated by Health and Safety. Any chemicals of concern are evaluated in advance for their potential effects, the applicability with current engineering controls and personal protective equipment and also any exposure staff may have in handling or transportation. All concerns are addressed in advance of the product being put into use or received at a facility. If a product cannot safely be used, it is not purchased. Engineering controls are always our first consideration for safety followed by personal protective equipment. Once approved for use, the MSDS is placed in the appropriate binder that is maintained at each facility that is using the product and the on-line documentation (Krug Intranet) is updated with the product information. All Material Safety Data Sheets are available on-line to staff.

We recognize the importance of protecting staff and protecting the environment as a means of contributing to the overall well being of our company.

Krug has a fully implemented Workplace Hazardous Information Material System in place at all sites. All hazardous materials are inventoried and Material Safety Data Sheets kept in a Master Log that is maintained by the Health and Safety Department.

Krug assesses and reduces human and ecosystem health impacts by:
  • Expecting Suppliers to partner with Krug to continually seek materials that will reduce potential health or safety exposures to staff or the environment.
  • Ensuring staff can be adequately protected from exposure to hazardous materials first through Engineering means and then if necessary, personal protective equipment or product elimination or substitution.
  • Conducting audits of hazardous waste storage sites to ensure waste material is properly stored and all regulatory compliance is maintained.
  • Ensuring all hazardous waste or material is properly and legally stored and disposed of through licensed haulers and facilities.
  • Ensuring the safe use, handling and storage of all hazardous chemicals from receipt of product through to application.
  • Encouraging and promoting staff to report any concerns with respect to a chemical or hazardous material they may be using.
  • Promoting life-cycle thinking when selecting any material that goes into our products ensuring that product waste can be reused or recycled or properly disposed of at the end of it's use.
At Krug, we believe that our people are our most important asset and that we have an obligation to protect the environment in which they and their families live. Some of our facilities have been in their respective communities for over 100 years each and we pride ourselves on being good neighbors to those who share our streets. We believe that staff should have an expectation that we will protect them from unnecessary chemical exposures and that we will provide them with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves.

At Krug we will operate in legal compliance in all matters.

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